Monday, March 22, 2010

Updates on more Eyecandies for today....

Good Afternoon,

Last Weekend I had a bad migraine that's why I wasn't able to upload anything to my favorite Craft blog.

You may think that I could have been lurking, but no way, I've been unwell and recovering the last 2 days.

In the meantime I've been also creating some new projects in my mind and when I can manage to be up for some minutes, well those 15 to 20 min. not at the pc, but in the living room, I've been creative.

I've some neat photos to share.

Last night I managed to somehow meet the Squigglefly deadline with my card, I couldn't embellish it until this morning, it was somehow plain last night, but today it is fancy with pearls and really adorable!

I have also created a Doorhanger for my Hybrid CT assignment at K-Joi Studios that I will be sharing in just a few minutes.

So, are you ready for the eyecandies???????????????

They are here and ready to be uploaded in my next message!!!


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