Monday, April 5, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW- Memory Pencils

Today is another Monday's Product Review!

I've been creating behind the screen of my pc and today I would like to spotlight one of my favorite

Color Pencils and it's properties!

Memory Pencils by EK Success

This is a set of 12 Color Pencils which have 3 wonderful properties that I absolutely love!

Positive Qualities:

1) The Memory Pencils are Waterproof, Fadeproof and Archival Quality!

2) When I color with the color pencils it has a nice wax over the image that makes it shine!

3) The box is an easy Easel Box so as I have in the other picture below so you have the pencils easy at your side on your desk to work with.

Negative Point:

1) The set comes with only 12 pencils and it gives me not the option to combine 2 to 3 colors when I would like to create a blend of several colors together. It's because it's fadeproof, that's why I use another blending medium to create the blended colors I want on my image.

Have a wonderful week!


Veronica Lee said...

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MessyMissy said...

Those pencils look great. I know a Munchkin who would love to color with them as well. Following you from MBC. :-)

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