Friday, April 2, 2010

New Hybird Project- CD/DVD Album- Eyecandy Today!

Hi ladies,

Happy Easter to everyone!! It is a wonderful time of the year to remember our Lord, Jesus and the love from God through is only begotten son, Jesus!

Some thoughts about Easter Season what it means in my life.

I'm so thankful for His blessings, what He has done for us.
Sometimes I can't even understand why some things happen, specialy when it's a difficult time like the one
my family is going through, but I feel God's guiding hands in the situation and that gives me peace and trust more in Him.


I told you that there is an Eyecandy today and that's an amazing one!

Make it: CD/DVD Album by Krisi's Kreations available at Scrap Matters

This CD/DVD Album created with Krisi's Kreations CD/DVD Album Templates is wonderful for me to keep Biblical Verses and Motivational Quotes that are an inspiration in my life, at my fingertips by holding them in this CD/DVD Album that I can carry with me in my bag!

The idea is to have my favorite Gospel CD in one of the CD pockets in the album and the rest of the pages will have little notes with all the Biblical Verses and Quotes that are an inspiration specially during this difficult time.

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